Getting Your Site Noticed in SEO

As you navigate your search in the field of SEO, you need to know a great truth that says there is no mysterious or magical way to position you in seconds on any search engine you know to date.

There are several complex and structured algorithms that run on the backend of Google, Bing, and Yahoo that cannot be easily persuaded to improve your site’s ranking and accessibility.


Google has become an integral part of human life by approaching individuals and serving them in the best possible way through its extensive evolution and revolution. With billions of searches a month, search engines activate and charge all business owners to optimize their websites well to capture enormous marketing opportunities.

Everything that tops the search list is eye-catching, and this is the primary goal of an SEO to make a site appear at the top of search engine rankings. There are certain rules that must be followed in order to provide the necessary signals to search engine bots.

Since a pilot before takeoff performs a rigorous flight checklist to ensure great functionality, likewise, there are some tips and tricks to make sure your website has everything it needs to rank high.

While the web is often full of SEO tips and advice, most of the articles talk about search engine optimization centered around the theoretical part. Once you understand the basics and essence of SEO, there is a lot that can be implemented effectively in practice. A marketer or a professional or a student takes an Online SEO Training to get a practical exposure and expected results.

12 Productive Signs to Improve Organic Ranking without Risking Google Penalties

1. Make sure your site loads fast on all devices

Nobody is ready to wait!

It used to be the time when people were avoiding slow-loading sites and gradually lessen the excitement of search until the website loads. Fortunately, those days are gone as such a glitch has nowhere to be found in today’s market.

Obviously, this is not a pleasant user experience and you will discourage your customers from shopping on your site. You will piss them off eventually. Therefore, the loading speed of a page is very important to both users and search engines.

One source says that a single second delay in page load time can cause people to leave a website right now and there.

High speed execution maintains a high demand by all as a business enters the market to target specific users to generate leads and increase revenue sales (via search engine optimization).

If your pages are slow, whatever your best content quality and outstanding website design, you will definitely be lagging.



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