Great content generates return visits to your website

How often have you saved a great website in your bookmarks for later reference? We all do.

So every time you create really great content on your website, you increase the likelihood that people will come back to your site. You become a trusted resource, your credibility builds, and the opportunity for great website conversions increases.

The best example of this practice is to build a community around your content. This requires defining a need, sticking to it, and creating great content consistently!

Michael Stelzner has done an outstanding job of developing both a website and podcasts around his Social Media Examiner programs.

14. Your content marketing plan should include backlinks that increase your site ranking
When you create expert content, other websites will want to link to it and share it with their followers. Depending on the linking site, there is an exponential effect that your target audience can rapidly multiply.


More links mean higher domain authority for your website and more potential for potential customers as your target audience spends more time clicking on your site. This is definitely a good thing for your website and business.


Content marketing demonstrates your expertise by providing valuable information that helps consumers make more informed purchasing decisions.


As your brand authority increases, you will start to see some great advantages. Google will send higher quality organic traffic to your website.

The more traffic to your website, the more people are consuming your content. These quality website visitors will not only stay on your website longer and read more of your content, they are more likely to accept or convert your offers and become leads, leads and sales. Quality content is a great reason for website visitors to come back for more, save for later, or share your content via social or email.

Consumers constantly remember how much you know about the challenges they face.

So who will they turn to when it’s time to make a purchase? You will settle in their minds as a successful, respected and highly knowledgeable resource that can solve their problems.

16. Strong and consistent content provides a combined Return on Investment (ROI)
Great content can last forever on the world wide web and continue to deliver search results (and benefits) for many years to come. To see the best content aging gracefully online, you only need to see the dates of the content that appeared in a search.

As a result, the content you produce and rank well will rise in rankings over time and bring continuous improvements to your sites’ authority.

Great content that other sites link to can bring healthy organic traffic levels to your website or long-term traffic growth with new qualified website visitors!

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