Main Reason Why SEO is Important

Here are some reasons why businesses need SEO to take their brands to the next level.

Sam Hollingsworth Sam Hollingsworth / 13 April 2018/10 minute read
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12 Reasons Your Business Definitely Needs SEO

SEO will definitely increase a website’s overall searchability and visibility, but what other real value does it offer? Why is SEO so important?

Organic Search is Often the Primary Source of Website Traffic
Organic search is a big part of the website performance of most businesses and is a critical component of the buyer funnel and ultimately enables users to complete a conversion or engagement.

As marketers know, Google has a much larger search market than competitors like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and others.

This doesn’t mean that not all search engines contribute to a brand’s visibility – they do – it just means that Google owns around 75 percent of the general search market. He is a clear leader and therefore it is important to follow his rules.

But the remaining 25 percent of the market owned by other engines is of course valuable to brands as well.

Being the most visited website in the world (and especially in the United States), Google is also the world’s most popular email provider (with over 1 billion users). It is YouTube’s second largest search engine.

We know that the open majority of the world with Internet access visits Google at least once a day for information.

It will always be in the interest of a brand to be highly visible as a trusted source by Google and other search engines. Quality SEO and a high quality website get brands there.

  1. SEO Builds Trust and Reliability
    The goal of an experienced SEO is to create a strong foundation for a beautiful website with a clean, effective user experience that can be easily discovered in search thanks to the trust and reliability of the brand and its digital features.

Many factors go into building authority with search engines like Google. In addition to the factors mentioned above, authority is accrued over time as a result of factors such as:

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